The Comeback Begins (and new exciting things to come!)

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been dealing with a back injury since a car accident in 2012, and two days ago, I got surgery to have a disc shaved down so my sciatic nerve is no longer being pressed on. Thankfully, I am now feeling sensation in my right leg and foot again, which I hadn’t felt in about three months! I’m home from the hospital, recovering well due to the fabulous care of my hubby. Of course I am quite sore, but this is to be expected for awhile. In a few weeks, I should be able to resume most of my everyday activities.

The major downside is that I won’t be getting around very much for a bit (and I have some CUTE new leggings and boots from Forever 21 to show you all!) but until I am feeling and looking better, I will post about interesting finds and fashion news I come across.

Here’s something I’m VERY excited about – I was selected to write for as a contributing blogger! I just received the notification, so more news to come about this new adventure soon! is a fantastic site that has news about fashion, beauty standard issues, and spotlights on plus size celebrities. I encourage everyone to check it out!

I also would like to give kudos out to a fellow blogger (and friend) “Signe Savant” who writes She has been featured on Lucky Magazine’s website as a contributor, and I’m thrilled for her! She and I are both significant others of military men, work as youth instructors, and course, love fashion! Her insights are great, so please check her out! She does some terrific giveways (and I lucked out and won one! More details on that later!!!).

Speaking of giveaways, I’m planning on starting some very soon! Keep reading and you just might snag a goody or two!

As I recover, I will be dreaming of the day I can wear fierce heels again like these Karolina cage heels from JustFab! So, I will think of these as I do my physical therapy!

I'm dreaming of cage heels!

I’m dreaming of cage heels!




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