Finally – A Retailer Goes “Real”

I just did something I’ve never had the guts to do before. I was moved to post a pic of myself with very little makeup (a touch of Clinique CC cream and lip gloss) to my Instagram. Why? Because Aerie, the sister store of American Eagle, has pledged to print pictures of their models without using Photoshop or any retouching. They are also pledging to not use supermodels. “Because there is no reason to retouch beauty. The Real You is Sexy.”  Aerie is also encouraging girls and women to post pictures of themselves to show their real selves. I LOVE this movement!

What else do I love? Aerie offers shirts and bottoms (lingerie inspired) from sizes 00 to 18! How many retailers offer such a broad range? Bras run from 30A to 40DD. I’d like to see bras run a little larger, but this is a very nice start! Everything I’ve seen on the site is affordable, and I think could possibly give Victoria’s Secret a run for their money, considering they offer sizes for we curvier girls!

Most of all, the #AerieReal movement is a step in the right direction of stripping away all of the veneer of Photoshop to show the real woman. We all aren’t supermodels, and I’m glad to see Aerie “gets it.”

The Real Me  click on this link for my #AerieReal pic!

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