Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

One of the new mantras I’ve created for myself this year is “Try Something New.” As I recover from my surgery, all I have is time on my hands so here are some New Things I Will Try (or Am Trying) This Year:

1. New colors to wear. This includes clothes and makeup. I love jewel tones (mostly blues, purples, silvers, golds, deep pinks), black and white, and grays. It’s time to switch things up, so I will include yellows, oranges, and greens. I grew up (like many of you) believing that we are “summers,” “winters,” etc., when it comes to colors we can wear. I think it’s really just a matter of finding the right shades. I took my first baby steps into orange by trying lip color!

Who knew? Clinique's "Oversized Orange" Chubby Stick actually looks good on me!

Who knew? Clinique’s “Oversized Orange” Chubby Stick actually looks good on me!

2. Work on my You Tube channel. I started this a week ago, and I uploaded two videos already! I plan on focusing on beauty, fashion, and my music. It’s always a little risky “putting yourself out there,” but I want to show that it’s not too late to pursue new interests after turning 40. I’m inspired by Michelle Phan’s channel, and hope I can eventually get my production value of my videos to match hers!

3. Embrace my arms. For as long as I can remember, I have not been a fan of my upper arms. Even when I was dancing regularly, I wished for the lithe ballerina arms. However,┬áthe women on my mother’s side have had “meatier” arms (maybe it’s a Swedish Viking trait?) and I have spent a lot of my life covering them up. Not this year. I am going to wear a lot more sleeveless dresses and not bring a shawl, jacket, sweater, etc. to hide under. My arms are strong. There is no shame in showing strength.

4. Taking artistic risks. Any performer learns over time that he or she is a “type,” and the best chance at getting cast is playing to that type (a leading lady, character actress, etc.). Singers learn that certain styles of music suit their voices and they tend to stay in that genre. I want to mix things up and show the various sides of me.

Working a "femme fatale" look, inspired by a Patrick Nagel painting.

Working a “femme fatale” look, inspired by a Patrick Nagel painting.

Patrick Nagel Black Bustier Canvas.

Patrick Nagel Black Bustier Canvas.

I don’t want to settle, ever. I hope to always be exploring, inquiring, experiencing all that life gives me!

How will YOU step out of your box this year?