Bloggers Unite in Black & White!

With the fabulous Signe Savant!

With the fabulous Signe Savant!

There’s the old saying, “great minds think alike.” For me and fellow blogger and friend Signe Savant, “great fashionistas style alike!”

Signe Savant, of, is “responsible” for turning me on to blogging. She and I are both instructors for a youth facility on a military base (she was assisting me with a pom pom squad!), and I kept noticing her fabulous sense of style. When I asked her one day where she got her clothes, she explained about her blogging and the opportunities/freebies she’s received from various retailers. Well, that definitely got me interested!

Yesterday, at a “good bye” party for a mutual co-worker, we both showed up rocking black and white!

I love her crop top and floral skirt! So chic!

I debuted my new Forever 21 Plus chevron sundress. It’s so super comfortable, and easy to dress up or down.


Working some fierce accessories!

Working some fierce accessories!


Love that statement necklace!

Love that statement necklace!

Mel sunnies

I also picked up these “Fresh Cat Eye” sunnies from Forever 21 for only $5.80! Love me a bargain.

Feelin' foxy!

Feelin’ foxy!


How did you get started blogging? Have you met or collaborated with any other bloggers?


Let me know!

Love, laughter, and shoes!

xx Melanie.




Reworking Vintage by Raiding the Closet!

VINTAGE 1970s gold disco purse!

VINTAGE 1970s gold disco purse!

There is a great thrill when you find that special piece…that dress, accessory, or necklace at a thrift shop, and you CANNOT believe someone gave it up!

This purse is one of those finds. Back in Michigan, I would regularly raid the local Goodwill for treasure. One day, there it was…a 70s disco shoulder strap purse! I swear, I felt like I got a passport into Studio 54 when I left the store.

The only trouble with these treasures is that it can be tricky to find things that complement them well. However, today I rediscovered a sweater dress from Express tucked away from last year that did the trick just fine!

Dress by Express. Bag, vintage. Boots, JustFab. Leggings, Forever 21 Plus.

Dress by Express. Bag, vintage. Boots, JustFab. Leggings, Forever 21 Plus.

I also lucked out and got my hands on some treasure by fellow blogger and friend Signe Savant of! She was doing a spring cleaning (which I need to do as well), and this super cool Charlotte Russe choker necklace is mine! Woo hoo! Be sure to check out her tales and fashion as well:)

One blogger's spring cleaning is another blogger's treasure!

One blogger’s spring cleaning is another blogger’s treasure!

I am also very lucky to have a great hookup (my stepmom!) who runs an Ebay store (hollywoodprincessfashion) that has discount designer wear. On many occasions, I’ve received terrific designer shoes, dresses, purses, and jewelry, including these awesome earrings by Betsy Johnson! Thanks, Diane! xoxoxo!

cu betsy johnson

Betsy Johnson leopard earrings, c/o hollywoodprincessfashion

What’s been your favorite vintage find? Please comment!

Love, laughter, and shoes xoxo!

The Comeback Begins (and new exciting things to come!)

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been dealing with a back injury since a car accident in 2012, and two days ago, I got surgery to have a disc shaved down so my sciatic nerve is no longer being pressed on. Thankfully, I am now feeling sensation in my right leg and foot again, which I hadn’t felt in about three months! I’m home from the hospital, recovering well due to the fabulous care of my hubby. Of course I am quite sore, but this is to be expected for awhile. In a few weeks, I should be able to resume most of my everyday activities.

The major downside is that I won’t be getting around very much for a bit (and I have some CUTE new leggings and boots from Forever 21 to show you all!) but until I am feeling and looking better, I will post about interesting finds and fashion news I come across.

Here’s something I’m VERY excited about – I was selected to write for as a contributing blogger! I just received the notification, so more news to come about this new adventure soon! is a fantastic site that has news about fashion, beauty standard issues, and spotlights on plus size celebrities. I encourage everyone to check it out!

I also would like to give kudos out to a fellow blogger (and friend) “Signe Savant” who writes She has been featured on Lucky Magazine’s website as a contributor, and I’m thrilled for her! She and I are both significant others of military men, work as youth instructors, and course, love fashion! Her insights are great, so please check her out! She does some terrific giveways (and I lucked out and won one! More details on that later!!!).

Speaking of giveaways, I’m planning on starting some very soon! Keep reading and you just might snag a goody or two!

As I recover, I will be dreaming of the day I can wear fierce heels again like these Karolina cage heels from JustFab! So, I will think of these as I do my physical therapy!

I'm dreaming of cage heels!

I’m dreaming of cage heels!